The various colors of ORIGAMI put not only a child's mind but also a grown-up's mind at ease.
Making works of ORIGAMI is
a longing of each little child.

One day, when I was playing by cutting ORIGAMI,
I suddenly remembered
how to make pictures with scissors.
I vaguely remember making this kind of artwork
in the days before I began elementary school.

Since then, I have continued making more and
more cut-art works and showing them
to my friends with pride.
In the meantime, the artworks have piled up
and I decided to make this book
for my own satisfaction.
As I've arranged my works in this book
in the order that I've made them,
you'll also enjoy seeing the progress
of my cutting technique.

At this time, I'd like to express my gratitude
to my friends, who gave me lots of suggestions.
For my friends living overseas,
I added English translations, too.
I express my heartfelt appreciation to
Jenna Higgins who checked my broken English
through e-mail so quickly.
I've been in touch with her, my host-daughter
and one of my best friends, since she lived in my house as an exchange student in 1990.

I'd like to show my appreciation to everyone
who is interested in this book as well.
Thank you very much.

Yukiko Kato